XIX SOCINE Annual Meeting – Network Cinemas

October 20-23, 2015

UNICAMP – Campinas, SP

Call for Papers – XIX SOCINE Annual Meeting

SOCINE (Brazilian Society for Cinema and Audiovisual Studies) announces its call for proposals for the XIX SOCINE 2015 Meeting, which is to be held at Universidade de Campinas (Unicamp) – Campinas, SP. The theme of the conference will be Networked Cinemas.

Networked Cinemas is a provisory expression to address a set of significant changes within the scope of the moving image which uses digital technologies, or the digital ecosystems, as a framework for transformation and, simultaneously, as signposts of a historical border that places a spotlight in time: the analogical past, the present and the digital future. Speed, mobility and virtuality, therefore, operate as vectors of a new time/space order of images and sounds. In this sense, how should one deal with the preservation and the background of images? Would the artistic vocabularies inherent to cinema, television and video be deeply undermined by such technological, economic and cultural changes? How do markets, in the logic of geopolitics and transnational capital, (re)define themselves? And which political strategies of subjectivation would be activated within these processes? Finally, the term “network” operates as a concept here in both denotative and connotative perspectives, concerning not only “networking technologies” (hardware and software), but also social, non-machinic, technologies, the subjective processes, and any other framework in the cinema and the audiovisual field that requires a decentralizing integration, and cultural and artistic flows.

We hereby elucidate that this is a suggested theme and that the 2015 Conference Program Committee welcomes quality papers on any topic related to film and media studies.

Members are already able to register and pay the annual fee of 2015 on the Socine website (www.socine.org.br), in accordance with the available calendar. In order to start the process, one should click on “Members’ Area”. After updating the registration form, the user shall be directed to the members’ area in order to proceed to the payment process. Bear in mind that the value of the annual fee is of US$120.00 for foreigners regardless of their academic degree. The payment of the annual fee is indispensable to fulfill the registration and submission of proposals for the conference; therefore, these two steps cannot be made on the same day (one should wait at least three working days for payment process and later access to the website).

The proposals for one of the four categories of the conference – individual papers, panels, seminars, or posters – shall be submitted electronically through the SOCINE website.

Bear in mind that applications sent by email WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, only those ones submitted through the website will be valid.

Applications should be chosen among the FOUR CATEGORIES, each one with the following requirements:

  1. Individual papers: Proposals from MA or PhD holders and doctoral candidates containing: title (up to 70 characters), extended summary (of up to 4000 characters with space), summary (500 characters), bibliography (1000 characters) and author bio (500 characters). Presentations should last up to 20 minutes each.
  2. Seminars – Proposals from MA or PhD holders and MA and PhD candidates papers in the Seminars must be made with the direct indication of the chosen seminar (the list of Seminars is available on the website) and must contain: title (up to 70 characters), extended summary (up to 4000 characters with space), summary (500 characters), bibliography (1000 characters) and author bio (500 characters). The summaries of the current Thematic Seminars are available on SOCINE’s website. Presentations should last up to 20 minutes each.Important notice: the Seminars include up to 18 presentations each. Proposals may be approved but not included in any sessions of the Seminars due to this limitation. However, all approved proposals not included in the Seminars will be moved to other categories according to the proponent’s academic degree: MA students will be moved to discussion panels and MA and PhD degree holders and PhD candidates will be moved to individual papers sessions.
  3. Panels: each panel should have 3 participants, of which at least two should be PhDs from different institutions and the third member might be an MA or PdH degree holder, or a PhD candidate. The members of the panel cannot have a supervisor/supervisee relationship. Proposals for Panels must contain: title (up to 70 characters), summary of the table’s proposal, which the coordinator of the table is responsible for (up to 1000 characters); extended summary (up to 4000 characters with space) and summary (500 characters) of each individual proposal composing the table, bibliography (1000 characters) and author bio (500 characters) of each one of the table’s participants. Presentations should last up to 20 minutes each.All presentations from a panel should be submitted individually (following the model established for individual papers) by each one of the three participants of the panel; including the coordinator, at a moment subsequent to the table’s submission.
  4. Posters: an exclusive category for MA students, consisting of 10-minute presentations for each participant. Proposals should contain: title (up to 70 characters), extended summary (of up to 4000 characters with space), summary (500 characters), bibliography (1000 characters) and author bio (500 characters).

To apply and register for the XIX SOCINE Annual Conference one should take the following steps:

STEP 1 – Electronic registration of members and annual fee payment (through an international wire transfer). Payment guidelines are available on the members’ area of SOCINE’s website. Payment is mandatory for the second step (submissions).

* The annual fee payment deadline is February 20, 2015 – during Brazilian bank opening hours.

STEP 2 – Electronic submission of the proposals, only through the website (www.socine.org.br) and only one application per author, including cases of coauthoring

* Application submission period – January 15 until March 01.


Board of Directors

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